4 Leadership Qualities from the General Election

This general election is arguably one of the most divisive in recent history.


While the party-political campaigns probably can’t teach you much about polling, they could just teach you a thing or two about leadership qualities.


Here are four leadership qualities that you might pick up from observing the world of political campaigning….



1. Never Underestimate the Competition:


When you’re undertaking a recruitment process for members of your team, you need to think about the competition.


If you’re looking to recruit a member of your team, keep in mind they will be representing your business. Therefore, before you begin the search process, you should undertake some research into your competition to understand how their teams are comprised and what their proposition is to their candidates.


Once you have an idea about your competition and understand what you’re up against, you then need to decide how to position your business in front of potential new employees.


Most importantly though, don’t underestimate your competition – the best candidates have options and you’ll need to compete for them or you’ll end up with the dregs!



2. Know Who You Want to Lead and How They Want to Be Led:


When you recruit members of your team, you should do so with a view to the end result.


What will their role be in the business? What are they going to be responsible for? What will they contribute? How will you measure their performance?


Each team member will fulfil a specific role and will require a certain type of person. Ensuring you have the right people in the right positions is the first hurdle. The second is leading that team effectively, so as to achieve a good team dynamic.


Get to know your team members’ personalities, not just their skills, so you can adapt accordingly and lead them effectively.



3. Charisma is Important:


While it’s very important to place the right people in the right positions on your team, they’ll still need leader….and leaders need charisma.


As a leader, you need to be able to command the respect of the other members of your team, and of the other rank-and-file members of staff in the business too.


Be sure not to focus only on the more technical aspects of managing your team – processes, targets and reviews are all great but, if you are unable to command the respect of your people, you’ll have an uphill struggle on your hands.



4. Timing is Crucial:


Snap election, anyone? One thing which is clear is that timing in politics is crucial.


Similarly, the timing of your recruitment can be important too. In a poor economic climate, for example, it’s likely that you’ll be able to source better candidates easier, and vice versa. Equally, you’ll want to take account of periods where a high percentage of people take holidays so may not see your approaches for a while.


Wherever possible, plan for your recruitment needs as far ahead of the time as possible.



In politics and in business, leadership is clearly an incredibly important quality. Keep an eye out for opportunities to demonstrate leadership and observe it in others. Ensure you make the right choices when you look to recruit your team member.



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