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Are you thinking about applying for a signalling role within the rail industry?

One of the sectors of the economy expecting a large growth in investment and employment over the coming years is rail and infrastructure.


Projects like Crossrail, for example, show that the rail industry does have a variety of roles on offer.


In this blog we’re going to be […]

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4 Leadership Qualities from the General Election

4 Leadership Qualities from the General Election

This general election is arguably one of the most divisive in recent history.


While the party-political campaigns probably can’t teach you much about polling, they could just teach you a thing or two about leadership qualities.


Here are four leadership qualities that […]

#InterviewQuestions: Is there anything that you would like to ask me?

Is your recruiter one of the good guys?Two ways to approach this; firstly, is there anything you’re genuinely interested in about the company or role which the interviewer hasn’t covered off? Great, ask away.


If not, you may need to think a bit harder about this. You […]

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How to Ensure Employees Commit to Your Business

The labour market is highly competitive right now and is set to become even more so.


Sites like LinkedIn have meant that some people have come to believe it’s just a case of finding someone to fill a role. However, recruitment increasingly needs to go a whole lot further than ever before. Successful hiring means retaining […]

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#InterviewQuestions: What motivates you?

Is your recruiter one of the good guys?No right or wrong answers on this one, really.


This is a personal question that seeks to get to the heart of who you really are. Give an honest answer – what makes you jump out of bed in the […]

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#InterviewQuestions: What is your salary expectation?

Is your recruiter one of the good guys?Depending on the type of person you are, you may find this really straight-forward or thoroughly awkward.


Really, there’s no need to worry. You should have researched similar roles before your interview, so have an idea of what is an […]

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#InterviewQuestions: Why do you want to work here?

Is your recruiter one of the good guys?The interviewer is looking to see how serious you are about the role. Have you researched the company? Have you put the time and effort into properly considering the position?


Resist the temptation to blame your previous/current employer for you […]

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#InterviewQuestions: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

This is all about gauging how much of an ambitious person you are. Is the company going to be able to develop you? Are you going to progress in the company?


No need to be overly modest here – interviewers asking this are looking for ambitious and hungry candidates.


If you are able to incorporate the context […]

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#InterviewQuestions: What makes a good team player?

Is your recruiter one of the good guys?Almost everyone says this. You need to do better explaining this point.


Use examples from our previous roles, or indeed personal life, to demonstrate your specific capabilities which help you be a good team player.


This is an important question – […]

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#InterviewQuestions: Why should I consider hiring you?

Is your recruiter one of the good guys?Try to strike a balance between the selling your suitability against the job criteria – the core value you offer – along with the things which differentiate you from other candidates. These points of differentiation may […]

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