Asia Recruitment

Our Asia recruitment team place a wide range of permanent, temporary and contract jobs in Asia.
Our empathy and knowledge of the different countries and area of Asia means we appreciate the economic and cultural differences for both employers and candidates. We understand the particular needs surrounding cross-border recruitment.
Our international recruitment team operates in many countries and regions in Asia, including:
• Singapore
• Malaysia
• Hong Kong
• Vietnam
• Thailand
• Myanmar
• China

For Employers

Our specialist team, dealing with recruitment in Asia, understands the challenges employers face when recruiting candidates from other countries. We provide our clients with a first-class service, coupled with an understanding of the culture, local economic conditions and the nuances of the job market for the area.

For Candidates

We are always for suitable candidates for our vacancies in Asia. With our expert knowledge of the Asian job market, we can provide you with top-class advice and preparation throughout the lifecycle of your job search.

We have expertise in technical recruitment and executive placements in the following sectors:
• Construction recruitment
• Property and real estate recruitment
• Hotel and resort recruitment
• Architecture and design recruitment
• Engineering recruitment

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